At Your Beat

Duck walk your way into a brand new dance art form, serve that femme energy and get your 10s across the board! 
This classes will welcome you to the foundations and key elements of Vogue Fem.

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Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to a blend of the best Afro music.

What awaits you - 
AfroBEAT will loosen you up, teach you some foundations and leave you with rhythm in your body. If you’ve never taken an Afro class before, you will wonder why you waited all this time – don’t wait any longer!

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AYB Body Party

A calorie-burning endorphin rush to increase your general fitness levels and stamina!  Colourful lights and pumping tunes in a dark room – it’s basically a sober rave!  There’s no complex choreography: we teach a series of dance sequences to killer beats and concentrate on isolated muscle groups, using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Work your arms, legs, butt and EVERYTHING ELSE.

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Don’t just walk – STRUT! let your inner light shine on the dance floor! Switch up your sneakers for stilettos and learn how to glide and dance with conviction.  Never danced in heels before?  Don’t fret!  Start off with a short heel and work your way up the ranks while building your confidence and core!

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Dance to iconic music videos you used to mimic as a youngin’ and get a glimpse into the world of a dancer! Get sexy, funky and fresh to catchy commercial songs you know and love.  Fun and energising routines that will you feel like the star in your own music video.

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Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to dancehall rhythms and anthems.  BashmentBEAT will get you feeling loose, limber and all your muscles engaged.  If you’ve never danced Dancehall before, you will wonder why you have waited all this time – don’t wait any longer!

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Feel free and find your release! LyricalBEAT helps you find a deeper connection to music through freedom of movement and expression.  We pay close attention to your use of breath, performance and how to utilise your raw emotions.  Come and dance no matter what your mood!

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Perfectly clean lines, build a stronger core, learn how to turn, jump and leap! Lets get full out funky while improving your dance technique and poise!  Learn fundamental jazz steps to help you build a strong dance foundation and expand your dance repertoire!

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Old skool flow, new skool swag and everything in between! Find your beat with one of the most varied and widely danced styles.  Each instructor will give you a different flavour of RnBEAT and you’ll want to try them all!  Get loose, get low and go awwwn with your bad self!

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Get saucy to seductive rhythms, embrace your inner femininity and feel empowered.  Confidence building and then some!  Expect anything from sultry to sassy routines with a twist of salsa, bachata and reggaeton steps!  Each instructor interprets LatinBEAT in various ways but you will leave feeling uplifted, strong and sexy!

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