Studio Rental

We can rent the space any time we aren't holding classes.
Please see our class schedule to see when the studio is usually in use HERE

Room Rates:
$75 p/h for full use (Lights, projection, fog machine)
$50 p/h for partial (Room only w/over head light)

After Hours Rates: (before opening, after closing)
$150 p/h full, $100 p/h partial

Holding Pop-Up Classes
$150 p/h- Full Use (Concert Lighting, 360 Projections, Smoke Machine)

Same day payment is acceptable but space is guaranteed at 100% of payment.
$50 non refundable for cancellations.

If you need something projected, please send us an video file or youtube link 72 hours ahead of time so we can make sure it works. We also have an HDMI cable that you can hook up your laptop to for other projection options and last minute changes.

When you're ready to book, email [email protected] and let us know the date and time and how you'd like to process payment.


What to wear? The short answer is, whatever you're comfortable in and allows you to MOVE! Leggings, shorts and t-shirts are popular and practical choices. As long as you feel good and can move with ease, we encourage you to dress up or dress down as you please!


Lightweight trainers that don’t grip too much are ideal for all dance and fitness classes. We welcome heels to dance class if you dare but make sure they're supportive around the ankles and encase the foot!

I’ve never attended a dance class before, is At Your Beat suitable for me?

We pride ourselves in being the dance class for all abilities and experiences. For beginners AYB is the best starting point to advance your dance skills.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to 12 hours before the start of the session without any charges to your account. If you have a membership, you are allowed 3 Late Cancellation or no- show per calendar month. Additional cancellation or no- show will be charged the following month.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

No, not at all! We offer many options to book classes and workshops. Come check out our Pricing section for what works best for you.

Are there changing and showering facilities at your studios?

We don't have shower facilities but we offer shower foam to freshen you up after class.

How long do packages and class credits last on my Mind Body account?

Our memberships, packages and classes have diffrent expiry date depending on category.

Do you teach one to one classes, corporate events and private parties etc?

Not yet but we sure will let you know!

How can I pay for a class?

Simply click on the class you want to attend from the Timetable to book your beat. We take payments through Mind Body. Unfortunately, we don't take cash payments on the door.

I’m a member - do I need to pay for/book into classes?

All classes and workshops must be booked and what you need to pay will depend on what your membership or package covers.

I have a question that isn’t covered here - who do I contact?

Simply email [email protected] or call 9294095268 with your question.