Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to dancehall rhythms and anthems

What to expect:
Bashment will get you feeling loose, limber and all your muscles engaged. If you've never danced Dancehall before, you will wonder why you waited all this time - don't wait any longer!


St John's Centre, 64 Lacrom Street, London SE17 1NQ

If your plans change you may cancel or change your reservation up until 12 hours before the class starts.

Class levels:

Members are welcome to attend any class they wish but here is a little guide to help if you are not sure what level to attend.

Complete Beginner - AYB Body Party & Tone or beginner/all classes

All levels - 6months - 1 year attending classes

Intermediate- 2 years attending classes

Advanced - 3 years attending classes

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