YogaBEAT - AtYourGaff

YogaBEAT - 'At Your Gaff' Livestream
This 60 minute 'vinyasa flow' style class will give you all the vibes and more.  We'll start with grounding, a nice warm-up to connect mind and body, sun salutations, an exciting flow with a little challenges here and there, and of course a nice relaxation in the end.  We're all here for that, aren't we?
Yoga at home setup:

Wear something comfy and make enough space around you to move.  Know that you can do yoga even if you don't have a yoga mat or other yoga equipment at home!  Just make sure you don't slip on your floor.  Alternative items like thick, hard books as blocks or scarfs/socks as straps can work as well.


In your living room, in your bedroom, in your bathroom - wherever you fancy and have space to move! #AtYourGaff

Suitable for all levels

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