DancBEATS: Choreo Concept Project

DanceBEAT: Choreo Concept Project
Hey fam, remember #AYBDanielle's and #AYBLiv's concept videos? Well, guess what? We have another At Your Gaff DanceBEAT Choreo Concept Project!!! We will be guiding you to create your own choreography AND you will have a full on concept video at the end of it! That's right - quarantine won't stop us from doing the most and it's time for YOU to get creative! Our one and only #AYBAlisha will be taking it back to the 90s with a 'Saved by the BEAT' TV show video concept. 
So how are we guna do all of this from the gaff?? Easy....

There will be two 1.5hr Zoom sessions with our instructor over the course of 2 weeks. Not only will you be learning choreo, you will also be coming up with your own choreo! Yessss that's right fam, it's time to come off those Insta lives and get your creative juices flowing. And two 8-counts is all we need!! At the end of the second week you will film yourself at your gaff living your best life, banging out the choreo you've learned as well as your own choreo. Don't worry, we will be sending you a full concept & filming guide to make things as smooth as possible! We then take your videos to create the juciest At Your Gaff DanceBEATS Choreo Concept Video! The project is open to all levels, and there will be a max of 10 sign-ups. The whole project is only £30, so make sure you get on it and secure your spot now by emailing [email protected].

Sat 30 May 1.30-3pm via Zoom
Discuss concept, how the video will piece together, costume etc.
Learn group choreo *A video of the choreo will also be sent to you so you can practice at home

Thurs 4th June 11am
Send a clip of your choreo (2 x 8-counts) to [email protected] These choreo vids will only be used so the instructor can watch and prep any feedback for the next session

Sat 6th June 1.30-3pm via Zoom
Instructor to give feedback and help finesse and build on your choreo
Go over group choreo
Piece everything together

Sun 7th June
Film your videos and send them to [email protected]

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