StrutBEAT Heels Fundamentals - AtYourGaff

StrutBEAT Heels Fundamentals - 'At Your Gaff'
Don't just walk-STRUT in your fave HEELS and let your inner bish shine on the dance floor! All in the comfort of your own home! A link will be sent to your email address just before the start of the class.

What to expect:

With these heels fundamentals classes we want to make everyone feel confident, strong, sexy, fierce and sassy in their heels and in complete control!

We will be learning how to stand, walk, turn, hair whip, floor work, control, feet, lines, shapes and more!

This is to guide you on giving the best and correct heels performance you can give .. but ultimately we want you to feel the best that you can feel and the sexiest you can feel with nothing but love and encouragement!

These heels fundamentals classes will be for all levels, learning and growing together!! Let’s get sexy!

In your living room, in your bedroom, in your bathroom - wherever you fancy and have space to dance! #AtYourGaff

Class levels: Members are welcome to attend any class they wish but here is a little guide to help if you are not sure what level to attend.

Complete Beginner - AYB Body Party or beginner/all classes

All levels - 6 months - 1 year attending classes

Intermediate- 2 years attending classes

Advanced - 3 years attending classes

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