BashmentBEAT - AtYourGaff

BashmentBEAT - 'At Your Gaff' Livestream
Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to dancehall rhythms and anthems. All in the comfort of your own home! A ZOOM link will be sent to your email address just before the start of the class.

What to expect:
BashmentBEAT classes will get you feeling loose, limber and all your muscles engaged. If you've never danced Dancehall before, you will wonder why you waited all this time - don't wait any longer!

In your living room, in your bedroom, in your bathroom - wherever you fancy and have space to dance! #AtYourGaff
Class levels: Members are welcome to attend any class they wish but here is a little guide to help if you are not sure what level to attend.

Complete Beginner - AYB Body Party or Beginner/all classes

All levels - 6 months - 1 year attending classes

Intermediate- 2 years attending classes

Advanced - 3 years attending classes

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