DanceBEAT Programme

DanceBEATS Programme: StrutBEAT Fundamentals & Performance (Level 1)

At Your Beats Growth Focused Dance Project for those that want to learn the techniques from the ground up in a smaller, more intimate and focused environment.
2hrs each week and then 3rd week 2.5hrs

As always we start with introductions get comfortable with the class and have you explain what it you would like to achieve within the project.

Week 1:

Sat 15th Feb 3.30-5.30pm @ The Castle Centre

We will be focusing on control and balance, this will include:

* Walks & Heel control - walking correctly and with intense purpose. Learning heel coordination and ankle balance.

* K stance control - controlling all your slow motion movements correctly with the right techniques. Getting the flow in the body and being able to balance in any position with power and strength

* Turns & Finesse- Showing you your fundamental turns and fully dissecting them. Teaching you the correct ways to perfect them in and out of a heel.

* Hair whips & Performance - Perfecting the figure of 8 and learning how to release your neck.
Creating the perfect shapes whilst learning tips and tricks to keep hair out of your face.

*Start off the project combination. Working only on the beginning so you feel confident with it in your body


Sat 22nd Feb 3.30-5.30pm @ The Castle Centre

We will be working on all floor techniques:

* correct feet - Perfecting how we position feet will completely change all shape and lines in floor work

* Floor transitions - working on different floor movements. Teaching you how to move more fluidly and comfortably

* Weight transference & balance - Working on how to place weight in the correct place and learning the techniques to implement them confidently

* Applied Confidence - learning the process to confidently move through all the floor work seamlessly.

*finishing off the project choreography and linking it all together.


Sat 29th Feb 3.30-6pm @ The Castle Centre

*Finessing and elevating the performance level of the project choreography implementing all the modules.

*A personal 1 on 1 assessment - assessing your training and where else we can go to help you improve post DanceBEAT project.

*Professionally filmed private mini concept video of learned choreography, Discount codes and project final completion report and AYB certificate emailed to you.

Price: £120

Email [email protected] to purchase and book your space. Limited to 10 slots

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