Your First Class

The short answer is, whatever you want, just feel comfortable and able to move freely.

Lightweight trainers that don’t grip too much are ideal for any quick movements. if you decide you want to wear heels, we welcome this.  The best heels to dance in are supportive and encase the foot, such as ankle boots or cage heels.

Encouragement!  Our warm-ups are nice and easy, with lots of stretching.  Each routine is taught at a pace that accommodates all levels of skill and experience.

“AYB have amazing teachers, killer choreography and the most supportive members. You have so much fun dancing you completely forget you’ve managed a workout.”  – Vanni


We pride ourselves on being the dance class in London for all dance abilities and experiences. For beginners AYB is the best starting point to advance your dance skills.

Classes booked through single class or special offers need to be cancelled more than 12 hours before the class begins, to retain credit.

No, not at all! Drop in for your first class at only £10 with HelloBEAT. Classes can be booked through memberships, or single classes alike.

Yes!  Our dance studios have showering facilities.

We certainly do. To book or talk about your EventBEAT experience, email hello@atyourbeat.com.

Simply follow the link to book your beat. We take payments through Mind Body. Unfortunately, we don’t take cash payments on the door.

It depends on your membership, if you have MaxBEAT – then no payment needed, simply book in to the class, and your payment is already covered by the membership. If you have WeekdayBEAT and want to try a weekend workshop, you must book and pay for the class, as this won’t be covered by your membership. All classes must be booked!