The main core of AYB is our charismatic and genuinely caring and supportive instructors.

Our sole mission in each and every class is to help you believe in yourself and achieve your dance and fitness goals.

We see each person as different and unique and want to see those traits shine through.

As your dance and fitness buddy AYB guarantees many euphoric highs!

Every three months we shoot a free AYB music video, which all levels are welcome to be part of.

We provide the styling, make-up and directors – you supply the talent!



I founded AYB to give people the very feeling I had when, in my 20s, I realised that I could dance. Now I want others to feel as euphoric as I did, and still do. Having had no classical training, I went on to successfully audition for TV shows and with top music artists. At Your Beat is many things. It’s therapy – a wonderful feeling of joy. It’s fitness - in its most fun and coolest form. It's community and friendship – our members are some of the nicest and most supportive people you could meet. I love starting a class and seeing the exchange of smiles and waves across the studio between members. Newbies are warmly embraced, whatever their dance ability.



My favourite class to teach is UrbanBEAT - Street Dance is my thing. I believe that everyone has rhythm or can find it in their body with some encouragement. There's no such thing as ``I can't dance!`` – that person just hasn't taken a class with me! It's about having fun while learning. As a professionally-trained graduate of Islington’s Urdang Academy, London, I am lucky to have toured the world, dancing with some incredible music artists.



My aim is to make every individual, no matter what level they are at, feel as comfortable and able as possible and to provide an atmosphere that is open and non-judgmental. I love to give constructive, positive, notes and corrections, as I think it's vital to have something to work on once you leave class.



I love to teach and make people feel stronger, more confident and sexy. There's nothing more I enjoy than seeing people improve. I love to pass my knowledge onto others and make them feel special. So come and dance with me… let's have fun and get better.



I love to leave my students feeling empowered and inspired; I'm all about confidence building. Dancing is such a great way to release those happy hormones and freely express yourself. My aim is to create a space where everyone can have fun. I’ve choreographed for major artists and leading brands, and teach all ages and abilities.



The most important thing for me as a teacher is to help make people fall in love with dancing. I’ve appeared in music videos and on TV and worked as a teacher and choreographer and right now my dancing style includes street dance, hip hop, jazz funk and urban dance. I’ll help you to find your passion for dance!



I started dancing as a child in Italy, learning hip hop before moving on to discover ballet and contemporary dance. I’ve taught in schools in Paris, London and Los Angeles, been involved in video shoots for African and Jamaican artists and now I teach mainly dancehall, as well as hip hop, video dance and heels.



I've always had a passion for teaching - Commercial/Tap/Jazz - and love getting creative in the studio. I've performed and choreographed for over 20 years in the musical theatre and commercial industries. Over the years I learnt to embrace my own style and I'm a massive advocate of this in class. Like any great artist, use your differences to your advantage and you'll find your style, your BEAT. Enjoy a fun and relaxed vibe in my class, so you can really let your hair down - but this doesn't mean we're not gonna work it and burn calories! Prepare your fine selves for some amazing tunes and fitness and see you in FitBEAT. (Stay tuned for TapBEAT...)??



Dance is the love of my life! My aim is to simply share my love and passion with my students and give them the chance to forget everything else whilst they are getting down in class. Im all about freedom of expression and love that at AYB we totally encourage and support everybody's individuality! My background is in Street & Commercial Dance, performing for Artists and shows all over the world.