Baby it’s cold outside – get hot with AYB!!!

Even though it’s bloody freezing outside, AYB has been doing nothing but hotting up! New teachers, new classes, new members, new FIYAHS ablaze everywhere!

AYBjess had her first three-hour intensive dancehall class with LA King Tango Leadaz in mid-October and it was the ultimate dancehall party – minus the alcohol and regrets :-p. Just vybz, fun, love and thighs and abs of steel! Last week AYBcj had her third heels intensive class and again, the class was at full capacity – at least 55 people showed up to show out! CJ’s regular double whammy slot on Wednesdays are currently being covered by AYBashleigh and AYBmarta while she performs her stint in the west end musical ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie.’ We’re so excited about CJ’s new venture and even though we’ll miss seeing her every week, she will continue her Heels intensive classes once a month so keep an ear and eye out because those spaces are getting snatched up quicker and quicker each time! Both dancehall and heels intensive classes are absolutely free for AYB members – as if you needed another reason to love the fam!

Our teachers are continuously making moves on the scene; case in point, AYBjoelle choreographing for pop princess, Rina Sawayama! Joelle choreographed her music video for Cyber Stockholm Syndrome featuring AYBwindy, AYBmelody and AYBashleigh as well as her sold out show at the Pickle Factory in London! Snaps to Rina and her continued success!

Our teachers aren’t the only ones making money moves errywurr – let’s take a moment for the AYB members who are constantly pushing themselves out of their comfort zones! ie. Vanika and Christina linking up in New York to make a sexy heels video together choreographed by AYBjoelle. If you haven’t seen it already, watch it here. Well done ladies – so proud to have you reppin‘ AYB in the concrete jungle!

Today was a particularly funday Sunday for AYB as (drum roll please)…. KASH POWELL taught his first ever class with us! Many AYB members are huge Kash fans and have been following his every saucy move on instagram so we’re ridiculously GASSED to have Kash join the fam! Welcome Kash and well done on such a successful first class! Everyone was so hype to get that CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE all over those chairs and the floor! 😉

See you in class and get yo liiiiiives fam!