AYB Quarterly Dance Concept Video April 2017 – RELEASED TODAY

The latest AYB Quarterly Dance Concept Video was released today in perfect time to chase away any Monday blues!!!

We danced to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ at the gorgeous Blok gym after one week of rehearsals. All and all the entire process was incredibly smooth, relaxed and most importantly SO.MUCH.FUN. Personally, I was sad after the shoot was over and I know a lot of the girls felt the same way!! It’s so fulfilling to work towards something and see it come to fruition. And it’s a hell of a lot more rewarding when it’s something you enjoy and it’s pretty much perfect when you experience it with people you love and admire!! So for me, it was pure perfection! Doing something I love with people I love – it was a special and memorable experience and I’m positive everyone involved shares the same sentiment!!!

None of us are professional dancers. We dance because we love it and we invest time and energy into improving ourselves with the help of At Your Beat. Everyone who joins AYB has a hunger to learn and grow as a dancer and this video is proof that when you’re in a supportive environment with people who believe in you more than you may believe in yourself – you can pull up those fishnets, get on those booty shorts and dance ’til you’re out of breath to X-Tina in front of a damn camera!!!!

Special thank you to choreographer and creative director AYB Kim for tirelessly drilling us during rehearsals, keeping us focused, making sure we were all comfortable and giving us all a moment to shine! We know you dedicated a lot of time and energy to make this video as great as it could be and we hope we’ve made you proud!!

Also, thank you to AYB Fi for helping make shoot day so easy and smooth. You and Kim were a total dream team and you both made everyone feel at ease. Fi, your camera skills are sensational!!

And of course a massive thank you to AYB Joelle and Tristan for making sure these videos keep happening! This is the third AYB video and they just keep getting better and better! Thanks for giving your members the opportunity to participate in something they perhaps never thought they would do. That’s the beauty of AYB – growth with love!

Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Check out the latest ‘DIRRTY’ video HERE

It’s about time for #AYBARRIVAL 😉

Jacinda xx